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Kohler Walk-In Shower

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About KOHLER Walk-In Showers

At Statewide Remodeling, we strive to offer our customers the pinnacle of window replacement and custom window service.


For those with limited mobility, bathing can pose a challenge. Getting in and out of a standard tub or shower can be difficult and frustrating. That’s why Statewide Remodeling is pleased to offer KOHLER barrier-free showers that boast impressive safety features and can be installed quickly.

A Texas KOHLER walk-in shower is proof that safety and style can dwell together in one accessible product. The name KOHLER is synonymous with quality, and that is as true of our low-threshold showers as it is for our other top-rated shower and bath options. Enjoy a safer bathing experience in your Dallas home with the quality of Kohler.

Texas Walk-In Showers

Your Dallas bathroom will get a style boost as well as enhanced safety with a KOHLER walk-in shower. Your shower will be designed for you, custom fabricated, and installed in as little as one day. Benefits include:

  • Several configurations provide the functionality you need
  • Accessories, such as floating shelves or built-in caddies, provide ample storage
  • Showerhead options to suit your preference are available in your choice of finishes
  • Wall kits offer the look of wood, tile, or stone in an easy-maintenance acrylic
  • Shower bases are available in your choice of colors
  • KOHLER walk-in shower kits are backed by an impressive lifetime warranty
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Walk-In Showers

Safety and Style Showers

Add Safety and Style with a KOHLER Walk-In Shower

Don’t risk a bathroom slip and fall when a stylish solution is just a phone call away. A bathroom specialist from Statewide Remodeling will come to your home and provide a free, no-obligation design consultation and estimate.

Other features of a KOLHER safety shower include:

  • Tough acrylic that won’t chip, crack, or fade
  • Recessed shelving
  • Traditional or contemporary designs
  • And more!
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Mix and match KOHLER LuxStone Shower Walls, bases, fixtures and accessories to bring your dream shower to life. Start your design inspiration here.

Earthy Neutral

Safety and Style Showers

The Sandbar-colored Vein Cut wall design mirrors the unique and intricate patterns of real stone, creating an earth-inspired space that inspires calm and ease. Complete the look with contemporary fixtures, shelving and accessories.

Sleek Minimalist

Sleek Minimalist

Go all-white for a seamless shower look, with convenient shelving to help you keep all of your toiletries organized. The clean lines of the fixtures and accessories create a minimalist haven for your bathroom.

Cool & Clean

Cool & Clean

Cool white tones are timeless and elegant. With the added texture of a Vein Cut shower wall, this classic design is made more modern with contemporary fixtures and a silver shower barre.

Urban Chic

Urban Chic

This cosmopolitan combination includes White Brick LuxStone Shower Walls coupled with dark, oil-rubbed bronze fixtures that make a statement. A clean, white shower base and locker shelving complete the look.

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