Plano Patio Covers

Texans are a hardy people, so when the summer sun threatens to drive us into the air conditioned indoors, we tend to fight back. If you’re looking for a cost-effective, yet effortlessly beautiful way to invite shade and protection from the sun to your home, look no further than home remodeling experts at Statewide Remodeling. We offer patio installation services that can fit a wide selection of homes and needs. Our patio cover designs range from full patio covers to pergolas that offer partial shade, and garden arbors that allow you to plant your favorite vines to climb and provide living shade. If you want full rain protection along with shade, consider our full patio covers. And, if you want to block out wind and bugs, we also have the capability to build screen rooms around your new or existing patio.

Plano Patio Services

What 100+ degree sun can do to your skin, it can also do to wood. Though wood pergolas and patio covers can be beautiful, we’ve found a longer-lasting option that is just as elegant and timeless. As a premier patio contractor, Statewide Remodeling highly recommends our aluminum patio covers that resist rotting, damaging insects, warping, cracking, and peeling. We use TEMO® patio solutions because they make solid, high-quality products that are affordable, and will last you for years to come. Our home remodeling experts proudly offer patios in Plano that come with a lifetime warranty on both parts and labor.

Learn more about the benefits of owning one of our patios in Plano:

  • No deterioration or rot.
  • Resistance to weather exposure.
  • No need for yearly maintenance.
  • Strength that goes beyond roll-formed aluminum, wood or vinyl products.
  • Fully customizable designs and layouts.

Installation of Plano Patios

Our Plano customers tell us that their patio covers essentially create a new room for their homes that can be used in the spring and fall and during the milder parts of summer and winter. If you’re ready to add a patio and patio cover to your Plano home, call Statewide Remodeling today to schedule your free, in-home consultation and remodeling estimate. You can also visit our Plano showroom in the Collin Creek Mall to see the beautiful materials that we will use in your patio installation in-person.