“Phantom” Electricity Charges – Your money is ghosting you.

Let’s start simple. Did you know that all electronics that are plugged in are using electricity? Even if they’re turned off, your coffee machine, TV, Xbox, alarm clock, are all sucking up electricity and costing you money. Save yourself approximately 12% of your electric bill each year by unplugging anything not in use and turning off your power strips when you leave the house.

You’re throwing it out the window.

Your windows, much like the roofing and siding in your home, are often an overlooked part of homeownership. During the summer, your builder grade windows, also known as double-pane insulated windows, are letting in over 60% of the outside heat. If your AC is on all day and your house STILL isn’t comfortable, your builder grade windows could be to blame! During the winter, drafts and air leaks from improperly sealed doors and windows can raise your heating costs by 10-20%!

Switching to a more energy efficient alternative, like our Omega 12 replacement windowscan save you hundreds of dollars a year in utilitiesStart saving now! Get a free quote for your window replacement!

Drips and wush-es are the sounds of your money waving goodbye.

Leaky faucets, running toilets, and other plumbing issues in bathrooms and kitchens could be costing you serious cash. “Drip, drip, drip” and “wush, wush, wush” are sounds of money down the drain! Did you know that one drip per second wastes 1,661 gallons of water? And a running or leaking toilet can waste several hundred gallons per day, adding up to $200 to your monthly water bill. Let’s upgrade your bathroom and kitchen with efficient plumbing and beautiful fixtures! It’ll look great, match your style, and more importantly save you money on your monthly utilities. Contact us for a free quote!

If your appliances are relics, your money is history.

Appliances are a home’s third-largest energy spend, at 9 percent of your energy bill. Refrigerators and clothes dryers typically have the highest operating costs per year, but washing machines, water heaters, and even your decade-old flat screen TV could be costing you money. Technology and design have come a long way in the past couple of years; a current Energy Star refrigerator uses 50% less energy than a refrigerator from 2001. Similarly, due to a tougher new federal standard that took effect in 2015, your old washing machine, could be costing you about $180 more per year than a new one. Take a look around your home and prioritize what you could change.

Yes, 15 is old for a roof.

If your roof is turning the big 1-5 soon, it’s time to get it inspected, especially if you’ve been hit by hail or strong winds. An old roof with missing or damaged shingles can let water, otherwise known as the archnemesis of homes, into your roof and attic. Repairing leaks can be costly, so make sure you’re routinely inspecting your roof to prevent such damage. Your roof is also one of your home’s first lines of defense against the heat. Make sure your roof is properly insulated or you could be looking at an increased energy bill.

Siding: more than just a pretty face.

Much like your roof, your siding is part of your home’s outer defenses against the elements. If your siding is damaged or even just a little old and weathered, it could be impacting your home’s energy efficiency. A solid, outside facing wall should let in less than 9% of outside heat and your siding plays a big role in that. Improve your energy efficiency (and your curb appeal!) by replacing your siding with fiber cement or insulated vinyl siding, you can decrease your energy costs and increase the overall comfort and appeal of your home!

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Ready to make some changes?

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