If you enjoy the outdoors or simply want to get the most out of your property, you may want to consider a sunroom or an enclosed porch. If you want to make better use of your outdoor porch, deck, or patio, you may want to give it an upgrade, but how do you know which option would be best? We’ve comp...

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With more than 17 years of experience, Statewide Remodeling is known for its top-notch service all across Texas.  So it isn't any surprise that some of our previous clients and other people come to us with their questions. One of the more prevalent issues we get is about people's attics getting too...

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Ask Rob and Frank

Dear Rob and Frank, “We’ve heard about the new solar panel patio covers that Statewide Remodeling now offer. How powerful are they and how quickly can we expect to see the benefits?” —Jane Doe, Dallas, TX Hello Jane, Yes, we are very excited to offer our new solar paneled patio covers as a green op...

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We have been extremely busy here at Statewide since the first of the year. The Solar photovoltaic manufacture I was working with turned out not to be what we thought they where. I am working with a new supplier on this product and plan to go to market with Solar by early summer. It's pretty exciting...

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We are still working on the solar for your home program. I am on my way to the Remodelers Show in Indianapolis. There are always some new & exciting products there. I will be looking at solar hot water systems. In case you don't know Oncor has a new program called "Take a load off Texas" Solar H...

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We had several of our design consultants go through a class this week to get certified to do home energy inspections. It was very interesting. This will help Statewide help our customers to better understand how to make their homes more energy efficient. This does not mean that every home we inspect...

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