At Statewide Remodeling, we offer several different design options for exterior home additions. In Texas when the hot temperatures can quickly burn away what little there is of spring and fall, residents often feel like they spend most of the year trying to escape the heat. That is where building a...

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Happy Valentine’s Day! With already sunny skies and warm temperatures, Valentine’s Day is actually a reminder for how close spring is for us in the south – especially in Texas. That’s why homeowners will need to start thinking about their yards again. Pergolas are simple additions that can instantly...

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Are you looking for extra space around your house, a way to reduce the heating bill, and an opportunity to customize your house? Go green and bring the outdoors into your home with a sunroom for Christmas. Not only does a sunroom add value to your home, there are also great ways to decorate your sun...

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Here in Texas, the sun makes our climate attractive, but it’s the cloudless skies and endless heat in the summer that have most people running for shade. With holidays and birthdays to celebrate and vacations to take, avoiding the sun is impossible for the spring and summer months. A more practical...

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