1.       Can You Afford it? Consumers and the housing market are still shuddering from the financial crisis that sent them reeling back in 2007. Recent gains are a good sign that buying a home is still a wise investment, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use caution. Before you start looking for...

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We all have them, a project we started forever ago and just haven’t finished. The supplies and materials are either neatly tucked away or sitting in a corner, reminding us of that unfinished item on our to-do list. Whether from work obligations, family events, or simply lost interest, getting a proj...

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There are so many options to consider when you’re remodeling or building a home. Materials, textures, colors, patterns – and that could just be the flooring options! Start thinking about fixtures, cabinetry and appliance upgrades and it’s easy to see why designing a home can be stressful. We want...

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