Remember the house that you grew up in or the relative’s house where you spent long summers? Over the years, it has undoubtedly preserved some of your favorite memories, but the home itself might not have been as well-preserved. If you have elderly relatives living in an older home, now is a good ti...

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Earlier this week we gave you several dos of home buying and remodeling. That was the easy part because it’s the don’ts that trip people up. Remember, you want a home that you’re happy with and comfortable with making some improvements. Not something that you’re continually working on in hopes it wi...

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Before we even get started on this list, it’s important to note: You should buy your home for yourself and make it what you want. Unless you’re buying and remodeling homes specifically to resell, you spend a ton of time in your home, and you should love it. That said, when you are buying a home or r...

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If you missed out on the Grand Opening of our new showroom, don’t worry! Our crew will be making its rounds throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area in May. Each time we do an event, our goal is to educate homeowners about energy-efficient products and cost-effective ways to remodel. We meet people fro...

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