Amazing weather is upon us in Texas and lots of families are looking for another reason to spend time together outdoors. What better way to unplug than creating a dream outdoor kitchen? While an outdoor kitchen sounds exciting, it offers far more benefits than just being the new entertainment hub of your home!



Increases Your Home Value

An important deciding factor for any remodeling project is the ROI or “return on investment”. With lots of families looking to disconnect and spend more time outdoors, outdoor kitchens have become incredibly lucrative to prospective homebuyers. Many homeowners often see a 100-200% return on investment for their outdoor kitchens. 


Great for Entertaining

An easy to see benefit of adding an outdoor kitchen to your home is all of the time spent entertaining outdoors! Root on your favorite sports team from the comfort of your upgraded patio and dine alfresco-style. 

Expands the Living Space

Freely move in-and-out of the home with an expanded living space. At Statewide Remodeling we also offer patio doors that will make the perfect transition between spaces. Don’t waste space on a small concrete pad that never gets used, add a cover or pergola to make the most of your outdoor space!


Makes Cooking Easier

No more running back and forth from the grill to the kitchen! With a mini fridge to hold ingredients or a sink to quickly wash up between dishes, you can appreciate the weather and ease of all the luxuries an outdoor kitchen has to offer.


No more smoke or grilled fish smell in the house that lingers for days after your at-home gourmet meal. Cooking in the great outdoors allows you to enjoy your food without the inconvenience of setting off the smoke detector or “airing-out” the kitchen. 

Save on Utility Bills

Heating your kitchen up in the summer to cook for less than an hour can be costly! Let nature “take the heat” and enjoy the cool breeze without paying for the A/C.

Save Money on Eating Out

Enjoy the feeling of eating at a restaurant out on their patio and save the tip! Family get-togethers and celebrations can be spent on your new patio and outdoor kitchen, without the need for reservations. 

With all of the benefits that an outdoor kitchen has to offer, it’s no wonder why thousands of homeowners opt to invest in an outdoor kitchen. From potential savings on energy, to convenience, to the luxurious feeling of dining outdoors, your outdoor kitchen will be sure to provide many benefits for years to come. For more inspiration on home remodeling projects, follow Statewide Remodeling on Pinterest, or contact us for a free in-home consultation!