It’s just so dang hot! Anyone who lives in Texas understands the need to have a fully-functioning air conditioner. A properly functioning HVAC unit can keep your energy bills low, and even prevent heat exhaustion and accidental death. Homeowners in the South tend to use more energy to run their air conditioners than any other region of the U.S. In fact, Texas has the most stressed power grid this summer.

Yet, all that energy use is expensive, and most homeowners don’t know that there are other factors that can help or prevent your home from cooling off or heating up properly. Home improvements such as updating your windows, new home siding, and installing a programmable thermostat can contribute to lower energy bills and cooler home for years to come.

Replacement Vinyl Siding

Home siding, which can act as a second barrier to your home insulation, can warp and crack over time because of rot and extreme weather. Once siding is warped and cracked, it begins to allow outside air to penetrate the interior of the home, making it harder to control the inside temperature. This will cause your air conditioner to work harder and longer, with a much higher energy bill as a result.

Unlike wood siding, vinyl siding is low maintenance and won’t rot or crack since it is not made out of wood. Instead, this type of siding maintains a wood-like appearance, and with a lifetime warranty at Statewide Remodeling, vinyl siding will outlast the decades and maybe even the home itself.

Programmable Thermostats

One of the best inventions in recent years is the programmable thermostat. With a large variety to choose from to best suit your specific needs, these thermostats can be programmed to your set schedule. Programmable thermostats can even be controlled via a smart phone device – perfect for homeowners with busy schedules. Some of these devices can sense how long it will take for the home to reach the next set temperature and make attempts to cool more efficiently.

Replacing Old or Cracked Weather-stripping

Weather-stripping is the material that is placed around windows and exterior doors to cover gaps between the walls and floor to prevent air leaks. Much like old siding, poorly working weather-stripping makes it difficult to cool or heat a home in extreme weather. Stripping that need to be replaced will be cracked or torn because of weather, temperature changes, or from general use. Once replaced, weather-stripping will seal up those pesky air leaks and ensure your home stays a comfortable temperature.

Schedule Regular HVAC Maintenance

With your HVAC unit hidden outside or in your attic, the old adage “out of sight, out of mind” applies, and they are frequently neglected until they stop working. With unpredictable heat waves, preventive measures – like making sure your unit has enough refrigerant – will keep you cool and prevent expensive emergency calls. Scheduling regular HVAC maintenance before peak seasons can actively prevent a larger and more costly repair in the long run. Minor repairs can save you thousands in HVAC replacement.  Call a trusted HVAC professional today and set up a maintenance schedule that works for you.

If you think that your home could use a few home improvement updates to keep your energy bill down during the summer or winter, contact Statewide Remodeling today.  Check out our home remodeling specials and discounts right now, before they are gone.