Well we are still working on implementation of our solar program. This is taking more time than I thought! There is a lot to do in preparation of installing solar hot water or solar voltaic in someone’s home. So if you are a homeowner looking for these types of energy savings products be sure TO CHECK OUT YOUR CONTRACTOR! They have to have passed certification tests to be able to install solar PV which is the kind of solar that produces Electricity to operate appliances in your home. This is due to the fact that they are connecting your system to the electric service grid. This can be dangerous if it is not done properly! If something happens after a faulty installation the home owner is responsible. So make sure your contractor is fully insured and Solar Certified!

In the News You may have heard the long awaited Cash for Caulkers program has been passed and up to $3000 will be available to any homeowner who has a complete home energy audit done and their home weatherized. Statewide Remodeling can do this for you. We have Resnet certified HERS Raters on our staff. These folks have been trained and certified to do a full home energy audit. We can do a 20 point basic audit for no fee. Which is a normal $249. We can do the complete audit which includes the basic 20 point inspection blower door test, duct blaster test and a heat loss test. There is a fee for this one but with your complete home weatherization up to $3000 is covered by the Cash for Caulkers program. Don't be misled by companies offering this service who are not certified! You will not get the rebate with their service.

Our government is getting excited about saving energy and that is good for homeowners.

Frank Manzare VP/Partner Statewide Remodeling