If there’s one area in the house where you are often alone, it is the bathroom. This is why it is important to make sure your bathroom is free of danger or of any type of hazard,  especially if it’s an old and worn-out bathroom.  You might want to consider bathroom remodeling in order to correct some of these dangers.

So how do you know your bathroom is not totally safe?  Here’s what you need to look out for:

Slippery bath or shower.  Over time, the original outer covering of your bath and shower become moldy, cracked, chipped, and discolored.  This may cause it to become slippery, and members of your family could fall and get hurt.  So it would help if you install new bath liners, which you can do without having to go through a total bathroom makeover. Faucet and shower leaks.  A leaking faucet or shower not only means that water is being wasted, but it also means a perpetually wet bathroom.  If your tub or shower area never dries up, then it becomes a slipping hazard.  Make sure you get all the necessary faucet and shower repairs. Mold.  Mold can be hard to detect, as it is mostly found beneath the surface.  Sometimes mold is only discovered when people take on a complete bathroom remodeling and start to take the toilet, the bath tub, and the floor tiles out.  There are types of mold that are toxic, causing skin rashes, headaches, breathing problems, and even fever and other flu-like symptoms.  Make sure to have the mold removed by professionals and keep your bathroom mold-free by installing a bathroom fan.  Bathroom fans help eliminate moisture, where mold thrives.

These are but the main bathroom problems you will have to watch out for and then take care of in order to ensure your family’s safety.  If you are caring for an elderly person or family member, there are also special considerations.  Elderly people, as we know, have more bathroom requirements and they need better bathroom accessibility.  For instance, a walk-in bathtub is better for older people, as it is more convenient and helps prevent dangerous slips and falls.

Statewide Remodeling has several fresh, safe and affordable bathroom options for you. Be sure to check out our extensive selection and consult with our staff for your choices.