If you just finished a remodel, don’t think you can kick your feet up on the couch quite yet. There is still some work in front of you – it’s called interior decorating.

Your old furniture and knick-knacks may not mesh with a newly remodeled bathroom, patio or kitchen. So, it’s time to hit the home décor stores. On the other hand, you might not want to buy the same things everybody in the neighborhood has. That’s why we’ve found four online stores to help meet your interior design needs. These stores exclude the typical and predictable furnishings and carry quirky, cute, and outlandish furniture and decorations, instead.

Thrive Home Furnishings

For the vintage lover, Thrive provides the perfect mix of the classic, mid-Century, 1960s style with a modern touch to keep the furniture from looking aged. You’ll find mostly furniture, rather than décor and knick-knacks, with offerings that range from sofas and tables, to patios and outdoor furniture. If you are looking for a homey, yet clean look, Thrive furniture is for you.


What better place to find quirky knick-knacks, than a place called Quirky? Quirky has everything you can think of – and everything you can’t. While Quirky doesn’t focus on making interiors pretty, it makes them efficient and functional. An integral part of interior design we believe.  Among Quirky’s offerings you will find a spatula with five removable heads, a cutting board with drawers, and a hanger with two heads. The things at Quirky may not always be necessary, but they will certainly establish a unique look for a home.


Z-Gallerie has a little bit of everything, including furniture, bedding, and rugs. All pieces from Z-Gallerie have a distinct modern style that speaks volumes about people who purchase them. While their furnishings can be moderately expensive, for those who want to make a statement, Z-Gallerie is where you can do it.

Uncommon Goods

The name of this online store is truly indicative of the home décor you will find there. Every pillow, painting, and decoration has something about it that makes it stand out from the crowd. And, in a world of big box furniture retailers, Uncommon Goods is exactly the spice you need to add a dash of awesomeness to your home.

Remodeling can transform a disliked part of your home into something you love. Just be sure that the new décor of the area meets the standards of the new structure, and definitely add your own personal flare.