House Decorations - MorgueFileAre you looking for extra space around your house, a way to reduce the heating bill, and an opportunity to customize your house? Go green and bring the outdoors into your home with a sunroom for Christmas. Not only does a sunroom add value to your home, there are also great ways to decorate your sunroom for the holidays. Here are some benefits of a sunroom: Maximize space: Are you having trouble figuring out how to alter your house to maximize space? Adding a sunroom is a less expensive way to help with this issue, according to Reduce Heating Expenses: A sunroom is made to capitalize on natural sunlight. It offers passive solar heating for a home, which helps you save on heating costs. Insulated glass, also known as double paned glass, is the best route to go because there is central airspace between the two panes that acts as an insulator. A high-quality glass such as ConservaGlass is another good option. Adds Value: Generally, whatever you spend on the house should bring a return on investment of about 50 percent. There are factors to be considered, though. It can vary slightly depending on how well the sunroom goes with the house, where you live, and the value of the houses around you. Customize Your Home: Statewide Sunrooms are custom-built to your specifications, offering many design possibilities and options. Sunroom features include:
  • The best structural integrity
  • Fully assembled to meet all codes
  • Transferable manufacturer lifetime warranty
  • One-time expense for hassle-free living
  • Maximum ventilation for improved comfort
  • Designed to blend with the look of your home
  • Lifetime guarantee on screens and glass breakage
  • UV protection to avoid carpet and furniture fading
  • 100% guaranteed
  • Professional installation and service
Decorating your Sunroom for Christmas

There are many ways to decorate your sunroom for Christmas. Whatever you do, stand out this year with your unique style and taste. The large glass windows are perfect for a Christmas tree display. Below are some additional tips on how to decorate your sunroom.

  • Use colored or patterned slipcovers and tablecloth
  • Hang Christmas lights on the tree and around the room
  • Hang a mistletoe in the doorway
  • Add poinsettias and wreaths
You can turn a custom-built “dream room” into a winter wonderland, so you can enjoy that outdoor feeling. If you have any questions or want to provide feedback, please leave a message or call us. Also, you can follow us on our social networks.