Batman Cleaning Windows

Windows can be notoriously hard to clean, and you might see some people going to extreme measures just to reach the ones that are off the ground. Here’s how you can get streak free windows throughout your home – inside and out – while avoiding disasters, injuries, or a job you’re not proud.

Ready the Area

Windows are best cleaned on a cloudy and cool day, that way your chosen cleaner wouldn’t dry too quickly, leaving behind annoying streaks. Start on the inside first, because the inside will be less dirty and time consuming.  Next, grab a vacuum with an attached hose and vacuum off any dust and dirt particles, as well as any pet hair or spider webs around the window sill and pane.

Grab Cleaning Materials Before you start in on the elbow grease, make sure you have all your cleaning supplies nearby and ready to use.  Here is what you’ll need:
  • Window squeegee, preferably one with an angled surface and an extension option for hard to reach places,
  • A bucket large enough to submerge the squeegee efficiently,
  • A few old cotton or microfiber clothes,
  • Store-bought glass cleaner, or try this eco-friendly recipe,
  • A few large towels to lay around the area so they will catch any excess water.
Add the Elbow Grease

Apply your cleaning solution all over the glass. Using a squeegee with a sponge attachment or a cotton towel, scrub the surface of the window to break up the layers of dirt and grime. After you have sufficiently scrubbed the area, take the angled squeegee and wipe away the water, using the pointed tip. Squeegee away the water starting at the top, so that you don’t have any drips, and turn the squeegee so that it can get into corners. Whether you wipe away the water horizontally or vertically is up to you, as long as you overlap each swipe by as much as two inches to help prevent streaks. Wipe the squeegee dry after each swipe for a cleaner wipe.

Don’t Forget the Edges and Corners A squeegee often can’t get into the corners very well, and you will need to wet a Q-tip, or cotton ball and run it along the edges of the glass and into the four corners. Afterwards wipe up any water left behind with a dry cotton towel or a micro-fiber cloth.


Outdoor cleaning and Safety Measures    Cleaning outside windows follows much the same guidelines as cleaning inside windows, but can be much more dangerous due to the use of ladders, or the use of unsafe measures taken just to wipe away that last streak. Those who live in two story homes or in homes with hard to reach windows should always take extra safety measures:
  • Use a squeegee with an extension option to reach tall windows
  • When using an extension ladder, always have someone hold the ladder for you
  • Hire a professional window cleaner as they will have the right materials and safety measures to clean your windows efficiently.
A New Age of Windows

One of the best ways to avoid hazardous conditions while cleaning outdoors windows is to purchase windows that are easier to clean. Double-hung windows, which can be opened from the top and the bottom, have been designed with easy cleaning in mind as the sashes can be flipped inwards. This allows the homeowners to stand on firm ground while cleaning second story windows. Other types of windows, like Casement and Awning Windows allow homeowners to open them to a complete 90 degree angle for easier cleaning mobility.

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