Parenting failWelcoming a newborn into your life and home is a milestone for your family, and soon your life will be busier than you every thought possible. You’ll forget to eat, sleep and possibly even bathe. At times you’ll wonder how such a small human can have so much energy and be so abundantly curious.

All parents know the importance of baby-proofing, but new parents will be so busy after getting home from the hospital that it is a good idea to baby-proof your home before the baby even arrives.  Toddlers between the ages of 1 and 4 are most likely to die because of one of the following injuries:

  • Choking
  • Burns
  • Poisoning
  • Falling
Approximately 2.3 million children suffer accidental injuries and more than 2,500 die annually from accidents. Baby proofing is more than just sticking a few protectors in electrical outlets or slapping corner guards onto living room table, too

Basic But Essential Baby Proofing Tips Baby gates: Baby gates can be installed at the top or bottom of stairs to prevent any child from climbing and falling. Door stoppers: Children aren’t known for their attention to details and can easily slam their fingers in the door when trying to close it. Toilet lock: A seemingly harmless toilet can become clogged by toys or a whole roll of toilet paper and over-flow, creating a slippery and non-hygienic hazard. Even more dangerous is a baby who uses the toilet as leverage as they learn to walk, becomes interested in the inside mechanics, and accidentally falls in. Anchor furniture: When babies learn to walk, they see anything and everything as an opportunity to use it for help to pull themselves to their feet. This includes stools, light furniture, bookcases, end tables, etc. They should either be anchored to the wall for more stability or completely removed from the areas you allow your baby to roam freely.  An anti-tip kit is a perfect remedy to help you secure your furniture and keep your baby safe. Cabinet drawer and door locks: Installing locks on cabinets and drawers will prevent children from getting into any cleaning supplies or chemicals that can poison them if they start to wonder if that blue liquid tastes like blueberry Kool-Aid. Oven door locks and stove knob covers: These devices will prevent your child from opening the oven door while it is on or prevent them from accidentally turning on the stove in the first place. Front and back door knobs: These knob protectors will prevent your little one from sneaking out of the house and setting out on an unsupervised adventure. They might even stop potential robbers. Parents Know Best

We have all heard the clichés. Anyone and everyone who has ever had a child will try and give you advice on how to raise your child. If you want to baby proof every room and eliminate every potential hazard, then that is completely up to you. There are even professionals out there who will help you. You know what is best for your child, and you make the decisions.

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