Futuristic Gadgets Every Home Owner Could Use

All homeowners wish they could spend less time on laundry, cleaning, and cooking so that they could spend more time with their family. When people think about futuristic technologies around the house, they probably recall the 1960s cartoon, The Jetsons. It would be great to simply stand on a conveyor belt while robots bathe and clothe you, brush your teeth, and scrub the kitchen floor – all at the same time. Though that pipe-dream is a long way off, and no one will be buying their own Rosie anytime soon, we have found some of the next best appliances to make your life considerably easier.  From new bathtubs to a real-time home automation system, the future is now.

Flume BathtubFlume Bathtub

Before this invention, many elderly people or those confined to a wheel chair would need another person to help them into a bath or shower. Now, privacy and independence for the elderly and disabled is easy.  The Flume bathtub is new technology designed to give people with low-mobility the ability to take a bath without any outside assistance.


Based on the simplistic design of a see-saw, inventors Kim Jung Su, Yoon Ji Soo and Kim Dong Hwan designed the tub so that it could be pull downwards for easy access, causing the tub to look lopsided. After climbing in, the bather will sit in a reclining position until the bathtub fills with enough water for the tub to rock and level itself. Once drained, the tub will revert back to its reclining position for an easy exit.

Virtual Smart Garden by The Meme Garden_IDGrow your home’s curb appeal with this invention by the innovative group, The Meme. These designers got their inspiration for a virtual garden when they noticed social media’s increased interests in online garden games that took on the introspective hobby and turned it into an information sharing community. The Hybrid Physical and Virtual Garden’s main futuristic quality comes from a wireless sensor inserted into individual plants that monitors the growth and health of that plant. These sensors can then relay information to the gardener, helping to improve the gardener’s understanding of the plant’s needs. Other features include a social interaction aspect where gardeners can share techniques, information and ideas with others. Orbit Washing Machine Orbital Washing Machine

Probably one of the best combinations of futuristic looking gadgetry and useful green energy can be found today in the Orbit created by the Electrolux Design Lab. This nifty appliance doesn’t need water, soap or electricity to clean your clothes in minutes. The Orbit uses cryogenic technology. It stores solid dry ice that is converted into a vapor. The dirty clothes are blasted with the vapor while the inner ball levitates inside the outer sphere.  Created without wires or plugs, the Orbital reuses any energy created when spinning. Hours and money will be saved when a single load of laundry can be done in just 10 minutes.


Coonso: Home Automation Solution Coonso Home Automation SystemHome automation has also gone green with the Coonso, developed by Yanko Design. Energy efficient homes are booming and will continue to be a hot commodity in the next few years. Appliances can only tell you how much energy was consumed after they were used with most other types of energy monitors. The Coonso is a real-time monitor that can help you find the line between comfort and savings for lighting and heating throughout your home.

The Coonso was designed to be carried from room to room, where it can gauge the temperature and lighting within that specific room and then provide suggestions to the homeowner on how to adjust accordingly. It appears to be a great device for saving money – just don’t lose it between the couch cushions.

If these futuristic gadgets make you feel like your home would be a better fit for the Flintstones rather than the Jetsons, then maybe it is about time you updated your home, or just your bathroom or kitchen. Contact Statewide Remodeling today to schedule a personalized free consultation!