guide-imageAre you a trendsetter, follower, or do you prefer to go against the grain completely? As a custom remodeling company, we have to be in tune with everything so that we can craft the perfect space for each client. After working in the remodeling industry for more than 20 years, we know trends come and go and come around again. If you're in market to buy, sell or upgrade your existing home, take a look at these trends that are turning the heads of homeowners across the country. If you're looking for more detailed costs and trends analysis, grab a FREE copy of our 2014 Kitchen Remodeling ROI Guide. Kitchens:
  1. Zillow, a real-estate search platform, believes it’s nailed down the top kitchen trends for next year, and they’re probably not what you expected. According to its user base – black countertops are in. Granite is still a preferred material, but quartz is also a top choice. Homeowners are going for contrast by pairing black countertops with lighter cabinet colors and paint choices.
  2. Open-shelving might remind you of a 1970s kitchen, but choosing the right cabinet options can truly upgrade a kitchen. Choose from completely opened cabinets or those with clear or frosted glass fronts. There are a few DIY projects that are also worth looking into.
  3. Ask a painter, a remodeler, and an interior designer what colors they love or hate and you might get different answers from each. However, what they will all agree on is that color is important. From bright to dark or bold colors, paint choices can say a lot about a kitchen. Accent walls are still preferred to painting every wall with a knock-out color.
  1. Statewide RemodelingHomeowners are taking pages out of the luxury hotel-design books and incorporating the spa-like experience into their own homes. This includes getting rid of inferior products that have decayed over time. The traditional shower/tub combination is being replaced by a large walk-in shower with over-sized shower heads. It won’t be uncommon to see showers with both stationary and detachable shower head fixtures.
  2. Tubs aren’t disappearing completely from the bathroom. The standalone tub has made a serious comeback in recent years, and you can expect to see more homes with this feature. A layout that features a Jacuzzi-style tub next to a walk-in shower is also a highly desirable right now.
  3. Accents play a role in just about every room of the house, but they’re taking on a life of their own in the bathroom. Lighting, flooring, cabinetry, colors and fixtures must all come together to create a space you love – after all, you’ll spend a lot of time in this space. Heated floors, glass, marble, and natural light have all captured the attention of homeowners.
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