A couple weeks ago, we asked our Facebook fansIf you could invite any celebrity to dinner at your home, who would it be?” The responses varied from movie stars to famous chefs and music artists, and it prompted us to wonder what style of kitchens these celebrities would prefer.

We decided to take a few of your answers and attempt to guess what kind of kitchens these celebrities have. Now, of course these individuals were unavailable for comment … so we used our knowledge and imagination to select kitchens that best reflected their backgrounds and personalities. We then chose a few defining characteristics of each to help homeowners recreate some of the same design elements in their own homes.

James Franco – The Intellectual Kitchen francoJames Franco is best known for his acting chops in movies such as “Pineapple Express,” “Spiderman” and “This is the End.” What most people might not know is that he has a degree in English and loves to bring classic literature to the big screen. Franco’s style is a mixture of classic modern with a twist of Hollywood.

Modern kitchens are known for their sleek lines, combination of function and form, and no fuss décor. From the back splash to the lighting, everything about the architecture of this kitchen has a purpose. Tall, painted cabinets make a kitchen feel larger and the extra storage space is always helpful. You can finish this look off with stainless steel appliances and finishes and decorative items.

The high contrast between the cabinets and counter tops is a popular remodeling kitchen trend, and a kitchen like that is likely to catch the eye of a new, home buyer. Don’t forget about the island! It doesn't have to be as large as Franco’s, but it’s a valuable space for cooking, storage and entertaining.

Vin Diesel - The Sophisticated Kitchen diesel

Most famous for his “Fast & Furious” movies, as well as “The Riddick Chronicles” series of movies, Vin Diesel has the reputation for being a tough guy. Despite that reputation, Diesel is also known as a loving father, so we believe that he would have a more traditional kitchen designed with a growing family in mind.

Traditional kitchens often have decorative molding, which can be seen along the range hood and under the sink in this photo. This kitchen also has two-toned wood cabinets, a style that many homeowners are also adopting.

Shakira - The Outdoor Kitchen Space

Shakira, the pop-singer from ColombiShakira kitchena, would probably find herself most at home in this elegant outdoor kitchen, where she can take advantage of the great weather year-round.

Stone is one of the best materials to use when making an outdoor kitchen because it helps blend the kitchen into the rest of the outdoor area, which can create a seamless look between the inside and outside of your home. If you aren’t a fan of stone, you can also use treated wood for the counter-tops and accents for an earthy feel.

Another way to bring this outdoor kitchen to life is well-placed lighting, either high-up as a chandelier or hidden in the bushes and fitted under the counter-tops. Great lighting can help you set a romantic mood, or even a party mood that won’t feel invasive at night. You can complete this look with a pergola and stainless steel appliances, allowing you to fully enjoy the outdoors day or night.

Sean Connery - Modern Countryside Cottage Sean Connery's Kitchen Re-Imagined

Sean Connery is known for his rough Scottish accent while also being the epitome of a gentleman. We thought the industrial-style lighting speaks to Connery’s own personality when coupled with old-world charm.

From the wooden beams overhead to the long wooden table, this open cottage kitchen is both modern and rustic. The checkered floor is full of personality but also compliments the other finishes.

Though we may never know what the kitchens in Vin Diesel’s, Shakira’s, or Sean Connery’s homes look like, we do know what it takes to give you the kitchen of your dreams.

If these kitchens have inspired you to renovate your home, the best way to start is by contacting a professional. Contact Statewide Remodeling to schedule a free in-home evaluation today!

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