The Texas winter is unpredictable, like every other season in the state, but with it coming to an end soon, it’s time to start looking at your home with a fresh perspective. Spring officially arrives March 21, which is probably the best news you have heard all year.  However, the combination of trudging through ice and snow and time spent inside means dirt accumulation, and nothing makes spring feel better than enjoying it outside, rather than worrying about cleaning inside. We put together this list of tasks for the ultimate kitchen spring cleaning list.

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Supply list:
  1. Cleaning solutions of your choice
  2. Several durable cleaning rags
  3. Broom and dustpan
  4. Scouring pads
  5. Bucket
  6. Mop
  7. Vacuum (optional)
  8. Wood cleaners
  9. Tile and grout reseal products
Section 1: Appliances
  1. Clean out the fridge by throwing out old food and condiments.
  2. Clean out the freezer.
  3. Then defrost the ice maker and give it a good clean.
  4. Wipe down the shelves of the fridge with a chemical free soap.
  5. Use baking soda and water to scrub gas oven burners.
  6. Wipe down the microwave and heat up a cup of water with lemon inside for a fresh scent.
  7. Take out oven racks and soak them in hot water with baking soda.
  8. Take your preferred cleaning solution and a scouring pad and clean the oven.
  9. Update your photos and magnets, and remove old items off the fridge.
  10. Reorganize food by type.
Section 2: Organization
  1. Throw out expired food from the pantry.
  2. Arrange food in the pantry by type.
  3. Donate any pots and pans you haven’t used in a while.
  4. Organize the pots and pans cabinet or hanging rack.
  5. Pull all the utensils out from the drawers and wipe down the inside.
  6. Throw out old, broken or useless utensils, and put utensils back in the drawer neatly and by type.
  7. If you store cleaning chemicals under the sink, don’t forget to throw out old bottles.
  8. In a binder or folder, alphabetically organize take-out menus.
  9. Take multiple jars of the same spices and combine them. Throw away the empty containers.
  10. Make sure all the Tupperware has a matching lid.
Section 3: Walls, Windows and Cabinetry
  1. Use the vacuum extensions to remove dust and cobwebs from crown molding.
  2. Wipe down crown molding with a soapy rag.
  3. Check the walls for smears and dirt and wipe off with a sponge.
  4. Wipe down the blinds with soap and water.
  5. Wash and dry window treatments.
  6. If your cabinets don’t reach to the top of the ceiling, grab a sturdy ladder and dust off the tops.
  7. Make soapy water in a bucket and grab a squeegee to clean kitchen windows (don’t forget the outside).
  8. Gently pull the fridge away from the wall and get rid of any lost food or dust bunnies.
  9. Check for cracks in your backsplash and reseal them.
Section 4: Flooring
  1. Scrub the baseboards.
  2. Rent a tile steamer to clean the grout between the tiles.
  3. Reseal the grout and tile on the floor.
  4. Sweep and mop the floor.
  5. Wax any wood floors don’t have a urethane finish.
Section 5: General Tips
  1. Turn off the lights, wait a few minutes and then unscrew any light bulbs to scrub off the dust.
  2. Or, change out incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient ones.
  3. Go through that “catch-all” drawer and throw away old pens, paper, and rubber bands.
  4. Clear out that sink-drain smell with a quarter cup of baking soda and vinegar. Pour down the drain and leave overnight, then wash away with hot water.
  5. Clean the blades of your garbage disposal by turning the disposal on and pouring a cup full of ice down the drain.
  6. Wipe down countertops with an organic solution of equal parts water and vinegar.
  7. Scrub the air vents to clean away dust, cobwebs, grease, and smoke.
If your kitchen is beyond a deep clean, then it might be time to call up a professional to help update your home for 2014. Schedule a free, in-home evaluation today to get started.