The following letter was sent to Statewide from a happy window replacement customer:

Good Afternoon Bryan,

Everything went well to say the LEAST!

I must say that I could not help but to write a highly encouraging letter of recommendation and letter of appreciation. I wasn't even looking to replace my windows at the moment but the Statewide Representative at the State Fair of Texas was so pleasant, approachable, funny, and kind. He wasn't at all pushy or overselling products. I was shocked at how quickly, he moved in setting me an appointment at MY convenience for the very NEXT day.

The two gentleman that visited my home were warming, approachable, and quickly earned my trust. I was always informed on every step and I appreciated the fact that they kept in mind ..."pleasing the customer". I apologize that I do not recall their names at the moment but I pray that you have their names linked to my sale somehow or another to get recognition. I was impressed with how I was able to reach him and vice versa when necessary in regards to my window project.

Then we get to the installation team who was superb! I was greeted by email and phone by Bryan. I was kept informed yet again every step of the way. Bryan was a pleasure arranging the scheduling of getting my windows measured and installed. He was always easy to contact. I know I wasn't his only customer he had to deal with, but he sure did make me feel as though I was. The actual installers: Mike and Chris, were so nice, professional and easy to work with. I hate that they had to complete the project on such a cold and windy day but no debris or dust was found inside or outside my home upon their completion. Not only did the windows completely transformed my house, but Mike and Chris made sure they did right by me. From replacing wood, putting fixtures back in place to enhancing the look and functionality of the window (I have window units so Mike's idea to install them back in a better more efficient manner was genius!). That was the fastest, cleanest, most professional installation EVER!

I did not like the exit survey I had to complete because to me it undermined all these wonderful people did from the guy at the Fair down to the sales rep, the installers, and even the finance department (who also kept me well in the loop). I will definitely use Statewide again and refer them because it is a great investment and every penny is well spent. Me and my two daughters (9 and 1 years old) had smiles on their faces because of the excellent service received and the beautiful look it added.

Thank you again for EVERYTHING and I hope this letter is read by someone who can accommodate for all EACH person had done. This company actually cares about people, is fair, and is definitely a team.

If you should need anything from me please feel free to contact me, use this letter, and/or add me as a reference to your list for future customers.

God Bless and thank you again,

Best Regards,

Quiandrea Alexander Happy and excited Homeowner