The following letter was sent to Statewide from a happy window replacement customer:

Good morning, Bryan.

Scott and the crew were outstanding. They were in and out as projected and unquestionably knew what they were doing. The crew was organized and efficient. Two examples the kind of workmen and crew manager you have in these guys… The first is that during the installation, Scott came to me and asked I knew a 2”x4”(6”) running across the top of 1 of the widows had been damaged. I replied that I did know, and that it had been damaged by a worker for a remodel contractor that didn’t know what he was doing. He knocked out a chunk of it trying to figure it out, apparently. The contractor never got to the window portion in the scope of work before I terminated the contract for failure to properly manage the project and after their crew walked off the job. Scott offered to turn the damaged piece upside down and then it would appear undamaged but would need paint. I asked him to do that. The second was that after the crew cleaned up and had loaded the trailer with their stuff and our trash, the truck pulled away from the curb but didn’t drive off. It happened to catch my attention. A guy remained behind in the street where the trailer had been parked. The guy inspected the street under and around where the trailer had been parked, and bent down and picked up something out of the street. I presume it was a nail or sharp metal of some sort and only then did he go get in the truck and they all left.

These two examples are things that I noticed your folks do that they didn’t need to do. Even though “no one was watching”, they did the right thing for the customer. Not that I didn’t know I made the right decision before, but that really drove it home. Final thing, the city inspector made a comment to my wife when he finished his inspection….”Excellent installation”. That was also something that didn’t have to be said, yet it was. So, yes, when we replace the rest of the windows later this fall, or next spring, we will definitely be contacting Daniel and (hopefully) working with Scott and his crew once again. At some point we will be calling on you guys to help us finish Phase II of the remodel on the house as well.

Best regards,

Gary and Marilyn Dobson