Have you noticed a rise in your energy bills? Are some rooms in your home drafty? Your home may be trying to tell you that it’s time to replace the windows!

Window replacement isn’t something that has to be done often and knowing what signs to look for can be a little confusing, especially to first-time homebuyers! Here are five signs your windows need to be replaced: 

1.  The Windows in Your Home are 15 Years or Older

Although they don’t last forever, high-quality, well-maintained windows could last for 15 years or more. However, there have been many advancements in window energy efficiency over the past decade so if your home’s windows are as old as your home, upgrading them could allow you to enjoy added benefits including energy efficiency, added home comfort, and noise reduction.

2. Damaged or Decaying Window Frames

One of the most obvious signs that you need to replace your windows is decaying window frames. As your wooden window frames are exposed to moisture, they can begin to warp. Moisture damage can also cause more serious decay down the road. You may also notice that your windows are leaking water — in some cases, your windows may even be leaving a pool of water on your floor. Ensure that your home is protected from the elements for years to come by replacing your windows and ensuring they are sealed properly.

3. Window Operation

Moisture can cause your window frame to warp, making it more difficult to open and close your windows. If your windows can no longer open or are not shutting completely closed, it is time to replace them. 

4. High Energy Bills

As the temperature fluctuates through the year, your heating and cooling bills are sure to do the same. If your windows are on the older side, however, the chances are that much of the heat produced by your furnace and the cooling from your air conditioner is going to waste. Older windows are generally single-paned and susceptible to leaks, but newer windows are highly efficient and designed to help prevent air transfer. Save money by installing replacement windows to provide better insulation in your home while increasing future home value.

5. Noisy Indoor Space

Stand quietly by the window for a moment and wait for a car to drive by. Can you hear it coming from down the street? Single-pane windows, and even double-pane windows, will transfer street sounds into your house. The best energy efficient windows will absorb these sound waves before they get to the inside.

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