One of the hardest choices you'll have to make during a kitchen remodel is what kind of cabinets to get. After all, this is where all your dishes and more get stored, so whatever you choose must suit your needs and tastes and fit the space and your budget.

Before you start looking at kitchen cabinets for your remodeling project, take inventory of your kitchen first. Once you know where you want things located (and what you want to get rid of!) you can pick cabinets that not only look great but maximize the functionality of the space.

Main Types of Kitchen Cabinets

Base Cabinet

A standard base cabinet measures 24 inches deep and 36 inches tall. For convenience, this type of cabinet comes on a recessed riser called a toe kick, which leaves room for your feet to slide in while you're prepping food up top.

There is a reason they are called base cabinets. They act as a base on which other things rest. Kitchen base cabinets are very much the workhorse of the kitchen. They:

·  Hold up kitchen counters.  Countertops are sized with base cabinets in mind and can be adapted to fit nearly every configuration.

·  Host the sink within the countertops.

·  Act as a base for a wall oven.

·  Can be combined to create a kitchen island.

Wall Cabinet

A "helper" for some kitchen functions, wall cabinets mainly provide storage space.  These attach to the wall with screws.  They can be open (no doors) or with solid or glass doors.  Typically wall cabinets mirror arrangement of the base cabinets.  Wall cabinets are rarely installed without base cabinets below.

Tall Cabinets

Think pantry or broom closet—these skinny cabinets are the perfect shape to store tall items or when you want to make the most of a narrow area. A typical height is around 84 inches.

Open Shelving

While not cabinets at all, open shelving in a kitchen is designed to mirror what cabinets do: storage.  If you're into a more contemporary kitchen design, this may be an option for you! 

Still can’t decide? Contact the pros at Statewide Remodeling for help finding a cabinet style that suits your needs, fits your home, maximizes your budget, and perfectly houses every kitchen object you own!

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