Faucets & Hardware

It may not seem like a big change, but updated hardware can change the whole look of a bathroom! These are items you touch every day, so invest in something that will last at least as long as you plan to keep the house.

You’ll also want to keep practicality in mind when you’re thinking of upgrades. For example, spa showers will definitely increase your water bill and adding light fixtures will increase your electric!

Smooth Walls

Depending on when your house was built, this might not be an issue for you. But for those of you with older homes, check the bathroom walls for that infamous 1980s orange-peel texture. Smoothing over the walls will instantly give your bathroom a modern feel.

Heated Floors

A luxury, but one that will increase the value of your home! Heated floors will give your bathroom a spa-like feeling and will truly complete your new oasis. Heated floors or “Radiant Floor Heating” is more effective at warming up your space than a regular HVAC heating system, meaning it can allow you to run your AC less often in the winter and save you some cash in the long run.


Here’s one area where you can save some money. There are many appealing and affordable tile choices. You can even pattern two different tiles for a more unique look. Tiling will completely change the look and feel of the space!

Showers and Tubs

When most people think bathroom upgrade, they think new shower. Aside from looking amazing, new showers and tubs are the most functional of bathroom upgrades! If you’re considering upgrading, take a look at our Kohler options. They’re stylish and luxurious, but most importantly, they’re safe! The Kohler walk-in shower can be designed for you, custom fabricated, and installed in as little as one day. 

If you like to enjoy baths - check out our Kohler Walk-in Tub option! Some of their benefits include: ultra-low step-in height—over 30% lower than most other walk-in bathtubs, great for additional safety and comfort, extra-wide door options, whirlpool jets and bubble massage, and heated surfaces for back, neck, and shoulder area.

Walk-in tubs are great for those with limited mobility and anyone who has trouble with standard high-wall tubs. KOHLER walk-in tub products are designed to last for years to come, and you’ll appreciate the extra peace of mind that comes from having a bathroom that is beautiful as well as safe and accessible for everyone in your home.

Large Vanities

One characteristic of modern master baths? Lots of counter and storage space! Get rid of the clutter by installing a vanity that has enough room for everything you need in your bathroom. You’ll have so much extra space, your bathroom will look twice as big!

Frameless Shower Doors

This is another must have for a modern bathroom. Installing frameless shower doors will not only make your space look bigger, but also taller. It’s the perfect touch to an updated shower and shows off all your fancy tile-work!

Bathroom upgrades aren’t always budget-friendly, so make sure you know how much you’re willing to spend and add a 10-20% buffer for any unforeseen problems that may be uncovered when work starts. T

hen, prioritize your ideal upgrades and schedule a quote. Remember to invest in high quality workmanship and items like the faucet, sink or toilet, for example, because those are highly utilized areas and you want things that are going to hold up.

We would love to help you upgrade your bathroom!

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