Cleaning windows can be a daunting and tiresome task, especially when trying to find the secret to getting them perfectly clear and streak-free. While there are many methods that can work to properly clean your windows, getting some help from the experts can save you plenty of stress and frustration the next time you’re doing it yourself. 

If you have already tried different solutions and commercial cleaning products but just can’t get it perfectly right, read on and learn some of our favorite window cleaning tips from our expert home improvement team at Statewide Remodeling

Streak-Free Windows After Washing 

The key to a streak-free window is by beginning on dry glass. It is also not recommended to clean your windows in direct sunlight because the window will become more prone to streaking if the glass is quickly dried. Hence, the ideal times to clean your windows is during cloudy days or in the evening. 

For best results, dry a 1-inch strip at the side or top of your window, and make that your starting point when beginning to dry the rest of your window. Newspapers and microfiber cloths are favorites for efficient drying, while soft, rubber-edged squeegees work well too. 

Getting Rid of Mildew on Window Frames 

You can easily eliminate mildew spots on your wooden window frames by using a bleach detergent solution. Simply combine two ounces of bleach with an ounce of laundry detergent, and then pour a quart of water. It’s recommended that homeowners use rubber gloves when working with this solution to protect it, especially for those with sensitive skin. 

Use a sponge to apply the solution to the black or gray mildew spots around your windows. Leave the solution on the spot for at least ten minutes, and then thoroughly rinse it off with clean water. 

Cleaning Windows That are Exposed to Smoke 

If your windows are frequently exposed to secondhand smoke, and there are a nicotine film and grime building up on your window, an ammonia solution can be used to address this. Simply combine a cup of lemon-scented ammonia and 2 and a half gallons of water to make the solution. 

This is perfect for scrubbing windows because the ammonia will get rid of the grime, and the lemon scent will remove the smell of smoke. 

A Solution for Constantly Dirty Windows 

If it seems like the second you wash your windows they’re dirty again; this tip is for you. Check your HVAC filters, because constantly dirty or dusty windows could be a sign that they need to be cleaned or replaced. This is a common problem for homeowners with newer home constructions as well as older ones, as modern, airtight households can accumulate more dust, pollen, and unwanted particles inside. 

Cleaning your filters will not only keep your windows clean, but it will also keep your house at an optimal temperature. It is recommended to have the filters of your heating or cooling system every one to two months. 

Opting for Replacement Windows 

If all of the above tips and remedies seem to do little about the deep-seated dirt and grime on your windows, it may be time for you to consider opting for replacement windows. Older windows can be notoriously difficult to keep clean, and replacing with new, modern window replacements can bring many benefits to your home, including lower maintenance requirements. 

Hiring a professional who specializes in replacement windows in Dallas will not only boost the value and appearance of your home but will also save you from the trouble of trying to make your old and dirty windows look presentable. These window experts can provide advice on which type of window works best for your home and which ones require virtually no maintenance to keep sparkling clean. 

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