Master Bathroom

As Texas’ most recommended remodeler, we’re constantly completing projects around the state. Some projects are more involved than others, but there’s nothing we love more than a complete makeover. This particular project for the Abbey family’s master bathroom has lots of creative, unique elements, amazing tile work, and of course, better functionality.

Before - It’s Demo Time!

Master Bathroom   Master Bathroom

The guys had a lot of fun on demo day! The entire bathroom was gutted - old vanities, doorways, existing tile, even drywall wasn’t safe! Everything was planned, marked, and the plumbing was corrected. It looks a little scary now but don’t worry, it all comes together in the end. That’s the remodeling game!

Goal: The client wanted a modern feel with lots of light, extra storage in the vanity area, and a sliding barn door for the closet - the crew certainly delivered!

After - Beautiful Oasis!

Walking into the master bath, you can immediately tell the biggest change is a new wall to enclose the shower area and add privacy.

In the vanity area, new cabinets and countertops were added, significantly increasing the amount of storage space and giving each person their own private sink area. New hardware and lighting fixtures were added to finish the space.

One of the most eye-catching improvements - the barn door - is the same dark wood as the vanity cabinets, and the same black hardware was used to tie it all together! 

Inside the bath area, you can see new tiles were laid on the walls and floor, and matching black fixtures for both the new modern tub and the shower were added. New, obscured glass windows bring in a lot of light while maintaining privacy.

The crew put a lot of hard work into this project and it shows! The gray, black, and white color scheme makes it feel super modern, yet the new windows, new tub, and pebbled tile give it spa-like vibes.

Thank you to project supervisor, Roald Sinopoli, for taking some awesome pictures and leading the crew to such amazing results!

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