Drafty windows can put an unnecessary strain on your wallet. Although we are beginning to come to the end of the cooler months, summer is just around the corner! This brings higher energy costs with increased usage. Don’t let your money leak through drafty windows, check to see if any of your windows are compromised!

Candle test

You’ll want to first turn off any fans, AC, and furnace that may cause any sort of airflow in the room. Next, you'll take a candle or incense stick and light it. Hold your candle near the seams of the window and watch for movement in the flame/smoke (you’ll want to move slowly as you do this to ensure you aren’t causing any air movement yourself). Be sure to write down which windows show signs of a draft.

Check for loose windows

When checking for loose windows you can use a simple piece of paper! You’ll open your window, then place your piece of paper on the sill and close the window. Next, try to pull the paper out, if you can remove it easily without it tearing, there's a chance that air is able to pass through as well.

High-tech tools

Infrared thermometers are great for detecting air leaks around doors and windows. If you have access to one, this will be the most scientific way to detect drafts. When using one of these devices you’ll measure the temperature of air around the window and door, if there's a cloud of cool air surrounding your window, you’ve found a drafty window. 

Visual check

Examine the caulking between the frame and your window, if there is noticeable weathering this may be a potential place for air leakage. Another way to visually examine your window is to dim the room that you are checking and look to see any light that may be coming in around your window frame.

If you believe you have a drafty window, the best thing to do is schedule an inspection/free quote with a professional, like Statewide Remodeling. Trusting your home with experienced professionals is no easy task, with hundreds of happy customers, we provide the care and quality work homeowners expect. Ready to take the next step? You can find more educational information, like what the window replacement process looks like and why energy efficient windows are the best investment for your home, throughout our website!