Summers in Texas are notoriously hot, so it’s ideal to have your home in tip-top shape ahead of the incoming heat. Usually, most of us will try to stay inside and crank the AC or take a dip in the pool. As a result, that could mean our energy bill can be more expensive than a vacation to the polar ice caps. These warmer months, usually April to September, are the perfect time to save on your electric bill. But did you know that the reason for your high electric bill could simply come down to the maintenance or replacement of your windows? Want to learn how to lower your electric bill? We have you covered! 

Leaky Windows

Did you know builder grade windows let in over 50% of heat?! Not to mention the thin frames which put your home’s safety and energy efficiency at risk. If you think your windows are the cause: stand in front of the window, do you feel the heat coming through? If it’s significant enough for you to feel, it’s time to change your windows!

One of the most obvious culprits of lost energy is leaky windows, when cooler air is pulled outside, leading warm air into your home and ultimately raising your energy bill. When you can’t keep the cool air trapped inside, your AC is pumping air out to maintain the temperature within your home. Worried that your windows might be leaking cool air out? We can help!

Our Omega 12 Energy Efficient windows were specifically designed and manufactured to withstand the Texas heat! We worked really hard to develop a glass that lets through less heat than an outside facing wall. Our Omega 12 windows prevent 98.67% of heat from coming into your home and they come with foam filled frames that are three to four times thicker than the standard builder grade frame!

Single-Paned vs. Double-Paned Windows 

The type of windows you have may be the reason for your higher-than-usual bill. Most homeowners in older buildings tend to have single pane windows, which are usually less than stellar at keeping the heat out of a home. When summer heat radiates through single-pane glass, there isn’t enough insulation to keep the temperature from rising in your home. Upgrading to double-pane windows can help you cut your energy costs by up to 40% a year! 

Don’t let heat into your home. Replace your windows before summer heat hits! Request a free quote

Upgrading your home to energy efficient siding and window options can save you a lot of money in the long run. Get started with a free quote today and claim our special offer!