As we head into the fall, it’s time to start thinking about making sure you’re comfortable in your home all year long. 

Sunrooms aren’t just for the summer. While you can obviously cool off in your sunroom in the summertime, you can also stay warm in the winter, shield yourself from springtime allergies, and more. Here’s a further look into how you can use your sunroom year round.


As the weather is starting to cool off a bit, you can sit out in your sunroom, enjoying the fall foliage outside while sipping your favorite autumn beverage. 

While September is still pretty warm down here, October and November are perfect months to enjoy the autumn weather. As our sunrooms are fit for every season, you can sit back, relax, and warm up the air in your sunroom a bit while you take in those surroundings.

If you have a large family coming over for Thanksgiving, some people can stay in your living or dining room while others can enjoy an outdoor view while enjoying that delicious Thanksgiving food!


After you sip your latte and watch colorful leaves fall to the ground in your sunroom in the fall, you can enjoy reading your favorite book or watch your favorite holiday film in your sunroom in the winter!

We know that down here, it doesn’t snow too often. However, when the kids get a snow day, they can play in the snow while you can watch from the comfort of your warm sunroom.

Even when it’s not snowing, it still gets down to 20° sometimes. Our multi-purpose, all-season sunrooms allow you to enjoy your outdoor surroundings from the comfort of your warm home.


After those super chilly days start to warm up, pollen starts to take over the Texas air. 

Do you love the outdoors, while at the same time, don’t want to walk outside when your allergies are acting up in the spring? Sunrooms are the PERFECT solution for when you want to have that springtime outdoor experience without all that pollen.


Once May hits, it’s over 90°, humid, and uncomfortable outside. Obviously, sunrooms are the perfect way to enjoy summertime views without sweating profusely and risking heat stroke.

When that heat index hits over 105°, you shouldn’t stay outside too long anyway. Sunrooms are a great solution to immerse yourself in an outdoor environment without the hot and humid summer weather surrounding you.

No matter what type of weather surrounds us outside, one thing for sure is that Texas weather is always changing, and the outdoors aren’t always as pleasant and nice as we wish it was. Statewide Remodeling’s sunrooms are built for enjoyment throughout the entire year, so you can enjoy outdoor views year round. 

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