Choosing to remodel your home can be a tough decision. Whether you’re remodeling to accommodate your personal needs and tastes or to keep up with the housing market, following these tips will help you make the most of it.

Plan Your Remodels

First, you should have a clear goal in mind. Make a list of all the things you would like to change and, if you’re remodeling for you, prioritize them by personal importance. If you’re remodeling to sell, you could benefit from speaking with a realtor to determine which projects would add the most value in your neighborhood.

Once you have a list, do your research. Most importantly, you want to have an idea as to what each change would cost so you can determine what is realistically possible for you and your family.

Build a Timeline

Now that you have ballpark figures for each remodel, you should think about when you can start each project. Keep in mind the seasonality of certain remodels – new roofs and siding should be installed in warm, dry weather. Patiossunrooms, and new windows should be installed in fair weather. 

Indoor projects, like bathroom and kitchen remodels, can be completed at any time. Keep in mind that most remodelers will be busiest in the spring and summer, so you could run into supply and labor shortages that could make the remodeling process longer.

You also want to take into consideration your personal budget. Most people avoid remodeling closer to the holidays because they’ve already planned to spend extra money on gifts or vacations. Take a look at your list, think about where each remodel would fit into your personal and financial schedule, and remember to add some buffer room for unexpected surprises.

Get Started!

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