Looking for the perfect home remodeling company is not easy, not only because there are many contractors out there offering their services, but also because there are only a few you can trust. So how do you look for a highly qualified and reliable home remodeling contractor?  You don’t have to be a...

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When you have your parents living with you, you think of ways to improve your home and make it safe for them.  As we have said before, aging in place can bring on a lot of savings but also a lot of challenges with it.  There are so many things that you need to do in order to make your home a safe an...

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When an area has suffered from any wide-scale natural calamity such as flooding and earthquake, local news outlets often come out with news stories on hiring contractors with BBB accreditation.  There are also a lot of experts that tell you to choose a BBB-accredited home remodeling company over non...

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