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Usually, spring and summer are the most popular time for remodeling. However, there are some advantages to remodeling in winter. Spring and summer are the heaviest seasons in the remodeling world, so contractors may have more time in winter to devote to your project and it may even get done quicker....

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We know how sidings help improve the way your house looks and how they improve insulation .  But cost is always the first concern for most homeowners.  If it’s not the cost of installing replacement siding, then it’s the cost of maintaining it. The good news is that there’s now vinyl siding, which...

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In this day and age where everything we do seems to adversely affect Mother Nature, we need to look for ways to help stop the cycle of destruction.  And there’s no better way to start going green than through our homes. How? There are actually many easy ways. We can start by installing green prod...

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The short answer to this question is yes.  In fact, one of the things you can do to effectively make your home energy efficient and to solve the problem of escalating energy costs is to insulate it with vinyl siding . Replacement siding   is not only done to improve and beautify your home’s exterio...

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R-Value Explained

If you have been thinking about saving energy by insulating your home, or if you want to know the importance of proper insulation and optimal thermal efficiency in your house, then it is imperative that you know what R-value is all about. So what do you need to know about the R-value of insulation?...

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You have probably heard too many times that insulation is a very important aspect for any home.  Whether you are in the process of buying or remodeling an old house, or building a new one, insulation should be one of your first considerations. What really makes insulation essential to any home? T...

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photo by USDAgov from flickr In order for energy conservation to take place, you must first find out where you are losing energy in your home so that it can be fixed. There is a lot of advice and information on the internet about how to perform an energy audit on your own. Here are some simple ste...

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