If you need emergency repairs, the best time is always ASAP. Broken or warped siding could mean your home is left exposed to the elements. But if your siding is old, dented, or merely cracking from the summer sun, could you benefit from waiting for the perfect opportunity? As it turns out, yes —part...

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You may have heard of Energy Star but are wondering what it really is about and what being an Energy Star partner means. For starters, Energy Star is a program developed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency or EPA as a way to identify as well as promote products and practices that a...

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We know how sidings help improve the way your house looks and how they improve insulation .  But cost is always the first concern for most homeowners.  If it’s not the cost of installing replacement siding, then it’s the cost of maintaining it. The good news is that there’s now vinyl siding, which...

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In this day and age where everything we do seems to adversely affect Mother Nature, we need to look for ways to help stop the cycle of destruction.  And there’s no better way to start going green than through our homes. How? There are actually many easy ways. We can start by installing green prod...

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The short answer to this question is yes.  In fact, one of the things you can do to effectively make your home energy efficient and to solve the problem of escalating energy costs is to insulate it with vinyl siding . Replacement siding   is not only done to improve and beautify your home’s exterio...

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