You don’t have to take a sponge with water and spend hours in the heat washing each vinyl panel of your siding anymore. When you use a power washer, you save a lot of time taking care of your siding, keeping potential mildew and mold out.

Add Detergent

In the past before power washers came along, you would have had to take a wet, soapy sponge and scrub your siding for hours on end. 

The cool thing about power washing is that you can attach power washer detergent to the power washer.

The detergent is made specifically to work with power washers and will mix in with water to create the perfect mix to clean your siding properly.

Use a Lower Water Pressure

As fun as it is to splash water around at a high pressure, high water pressure can seep through your siding and cause devastating leaks in your home. Make sure you use low water pressure so that you’re properly cleaning your siding without potentially damaging your home’s interior.

If you feel like the low water pressure isn’t getting the job done, a tip we have is to keep going over the difficult area until it’s clean. If all else fails, you can always take the old-fashioned sponge. 

Whatever you do, high water pressure isn’t going to clean your siding. It’s more likely to damage the inside of your home instead.

Use Bleach if There’s Mildew

If there’s already mildew on your siding, spray a little bleach to break down the mildew. The power washer will work with the bleach to help get rid of mildew.

Properly Rinse It!

It’s important to get rid of any bleach or detergent that can stick on your siding. Starting from the top of your siding and working your way down to the bottom, hold the power washer spout roughly a foot away from the siding, and spray at a downward angle.

If there’s any spots on your siding with a lot of dirt, mildew, or soap scum that just won’t come off, keep the pressure on low and instead walk closer to your siding.

Once you’re done, you’re good for about a year. We recommend that you power wash your siding once a year to keep your home’s exterior looking clean while keeping dangerous mildew and other elements out.

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