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They were very professional and polite when doing the installation! The end product is excellent and they went above and beyond to make sure we were satisfied with the job and was content with the way the house looked before leaving. I would definitely refer them to friends and family.


The title I used says it all. From the timethe crew arrived on the job, some of the crew started unloading the windows and some of them the windows and the rest started removing the old windows. they worked very well together and completed the job in less time than i had expected. when the finished the installation the job site was cleaned completely to my satisfaction. I was very pleased with everything.

I home consultation

Great. Professional; informative

Wonderful Presentation, no pressure

I recently purchased a fixer upper house that was in need of more than I was expecting. Kevin from Grapevine drove over an hour to my home to meet me after I got off work, looked over everything, and offered several suggestions that I had not even considered yet. While I was impressed with the bathroom remodel options, the quality of the windows surprised me the most! He spent a great deal of time discussing the options, showing me samples, and explaining how everything would work with the installations. While I was unable to sign a contract then and there, I plan on calling them again now that I have a good understanding of the market selection and prices. Not the cheapest, but after that botched bathroom remodel by a coworker I am not looking for the lowest bidder but the best value for the dollar. Kevin did not try to pressure me into more than I was ready to handle, which impressed me the most. I WILL be calling them in the future.

Customer service

Tim was very sweet, informative and very professional. He really help me with decision making regarding my project.

Great Customer Service

We had a great experience with Jeff Burkhead as our sales rep. He was very polite and professional. He was very knowledgeable and helpful in picking out colors and designs for our shower remodel.


I love the bathtub !

Bathe Remodel

My husband and I had a very pleasant experience with Design Consultant. He was was knowledgeable, thorough and walked us through the entire process being very patient to answer our 101 questions. pat We had an estimate of cost at the end of consult. Thank you for a great job Dirk Porter.

Feels like family

We really weren't expecting to do a remodel any time in the near future, we just wanted to check out the options. But when the lady at Home Depot said they had an opening for someone to come out and take a look that same day we thought, "What the heck, why not". So Corey Donaldson came over (he was able to come earlier and we were open to it) and made himself at home (he just sat at the table like he knew that's where to go) and just started talking. We both (hubby and I) were at ease from the beginning. We talked for a while like we were old friends and then he started to ask questions about what we wanted. We took him upstairs to our master bathroom and gave him what we hoped were the expectations for the remodel (take away the tub and extend the shower). He gave us all our possibilities and the ripple effects of some of our suggestions. Things we didn't really think about but now were! A wall is coming down, do you have any of the floor tile from the build? Nope. If you extend it this far out you're going to lose the opening to the toilet area. Do you want to try to squeeze through? Nope. Simple things, yet important. Then came the choosing of the shower - curb, tile, how big of a dry area, where to put the plumbing, what colors, what textures. And if we got confused, he would explain it again, showing us pictures to help. Drawing it if he needed. All the while, we're still talking like old friends. After all of this, we went over the financial part. Now, I'm not going to lie, I probably gasped (quietly) when I heard the price. It's really not cheap to do a remodel. And if it is, you are most likely going to get what you paid for! But hubby and I were on the same page, "Let's do it!". I've never sat with someone this long before buying something this expensive. Not even for a car. But Corey never pressured us, always made us feel important, and definitely felt like family. I would visit with him again in a heart beat! We can't wait for our remodel!


Pat was awesome. He was upfront with pricing. And extremely knowledgeable about the product! Made my window shopping experience one of a kind!

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