Schertz Patio Covers

Are you tired of getting sunburnt every time you try to relax on your patio in the summer? Do you wish you had a safer space for your children to play outside when it’s sweltering? If you answered yes to either question, you’ve come to the right place! You might be wondering what Statewide Remodeling could do to remedy these problems associated with patios in Schertz, but the answer is quite simple. For years, homeowners have hired us to build beautiful and durable Schertz patio covers, so we have all the experience that we need to create your outdoor entertaining oasis.

Highly-Trained Installers with Covered Patio Services

When you choose our patio contractors in Boerne, you can trust that your project is in the hands of people who have all of the education and tools they need to succeed. Since your satisfaction is our top priority, we always work hard to learn the latest and greatest methods for designing, building, and installing outdoor enclosures. After having several years to hone our craft, we have been able to develop some of the highest-rated patio covers in Schertz. In fact, each of our patio covers is designed to be:

  • Stylish: We offer a range of patio styles, designs, layouts, and materials, so you can create your ideal cover.
  • Durable: Our products resist damage from weather exposure, rot, insects, and more.
  • Low-Maintenance: We use quality products that require little to no care so that you can sit back and relax in the shade.
  • UV Protective: Speaking of shade, our fully-covered patios protect you from UV exposure with shade and a thermally insulated roof.

Learn More About Our Patio Covers in Schertz

To find out more about all of the advantages that accompany our patio covers in Schertz, you should dial the number for Statewide Remodeling and ask to speak with our home addition specialists. Feel free to ask any questions you have or schedule an in-person consultation. You can also take a second to fill out our online form if you would like to request a free project estimate.