Austin Window Replacement

Window replacement is one of the smartest and easiest options for a homeowner looking to improve the longevity and energy-efficiency of their home. It’s important to consider what kind of an investment you want to make in your home. Although you may be inclined to opt for stock window units for their low price, be aware that there may be hidden dangers and drawbacks in these seemingly innocuous replacement windows in Austin.

Most vinyl windows have a hollow frame, but our restoration windows aren't hollow. Our windows have a fiberglass structural support within each window that adds a tremendous amount of strength and rigidity for thermal efficiency. Plus, as most of you know, Texas windows are large and this extra support is needed to uphold the structural integrity of large windows. We also have tilt-latches with our windows so when you need to wash your windows you can "tilt them down" for easy washing! Generic vinyl windows wont have visible tilt latches and a harsher exterior look.

Additionally, our insulated Low-E glass has 12 layers of metallic coating that will ensure the summertime heat or winter coolness won't increase your HVAC bills. Our strong, insulated glass partnered with a structurally sound frame will ensure that your home will be save from the elements, burglary, and more!

High-Performance Replacement Windows in Austin

Our home remodeling experts believe in giving our customers the very best—and to help you make the very best decision for your household, we want you to be informed. This is why our window replacement experts go above and beyond to help you create the custom solutions that fit your needs, lifestyle, and budget. You can be sure that the investment you make today will add lasting value to your home in the future. Consider these benefits below when deciding between custom replacement windows in Austin and stock windows:

  • Return on Investment: You may not be thinking about selling your home today, tomorrow, or anytime in the near future, but you do want to know that window replacement will add value to your Austin home if you ever do decide to sell. Custom replacement windows are estimated to give homeowners more than 80 percent ROI!
  • Cost of Maintenance: Windows that aren’t properly fitted for the openings in your home may cause problems that will lead to costly repairs. From mildew and rot to drafty air leaks, the expenses of constant window repair and upkeep will likely outweigh the cost of custom windows.
  • Energy Savings: Poorly constructed windows can force your heating and cooling system to work overtime just to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, which translates to high energy costs. But insulated vinyl windows from Statewide Remodeling can save you serious money on your heating and cooling costs.

Consider the Structural Integrity and Insulated Glass of our Austin Replacement Windows

Your search for a reputable and reliable home contractor ends with Statewide Remodeling. We proudly provide replacement windows in Austin of the highest quality. For more information about the benefits of window installation services, call us or fill out our online form today to schedule your free, in-home consultation and estimate. We’re proud to work with the leading manufacturers in the home remodeling industry to bring you exceptionally crafted products that will stand the test of time.

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