You’ve spent a lot of time choosing the right window company, selecting the window features that best fit your needs, and figuring out how to get the upgrade you want while staying on budget. 

What about preparing for the actual day of your window installation? Below are some things that you can do to speed up the installation of your vinyl windows and make the big day a little simpler for everyone involved.

Clear the Area

Remove any clutter from the area of your windows, both inside and outside. This might include furniture, rugs, decorations, garden hoses, and shrubs. Your window installers will need uninhibited access to your windows to do their job well. This includes preparing a clear path from your entry door to the windows being installed.

Remove Curtains

Prepare your old windows by removing all window curtains, hangings, and blinds. This small gesture can save a lot of time during your window installation, and the crew will appreciate it. It’s also a good idea to remove any pictures or wall hangings that are located on the walls adjacent to your windows.

Provide a Workstation

Window installations are faster, cleaner, and simpler when the remodelers have a designated work area. Make sure that they have access to power outlets and a safe place to keep their tools. Provide a space on your driveway, front yard, or garage that they can use to setup shop and get to work!

Keep Kids and Pets Away

Last but not least, make sure that any children or pets are kept safe and away from the site of your window installation throughout the duration of the project. Window installers use ladders and other heavy equipment to perform their job well, so keeping the space clear will help to keep everyone safe.

Do You Want More Information About Window Installation?

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