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Good quality siding protects your home's exterior from a world of hazards, including the weather and stray baseballs! It also keeps the interior insulated and improves overall curb appeal by enhancing the beauty of your home. This is why vinyl siding replacement services in Houston are so popular with our customers.

At Statewide Remodeling, we go above and beyond to ensure that you receive fiber cement and vinyl siding that is the absolute best of the best. No matter the extreme temperatures or wild weather your home is subjected to, you can depend on our siding to protect your household for years to come.

When is it Time to Install New Siding on Your Home?

You may be wondering when it's time to install new siding on your Houston home. For many, the signs of wear and tear will be obvious from the street. The neighbors may even have said a thing or two about the loose and cracked siding on your house!

But for others, it's not so obvious. A faded and worn home exterior is quickly restored with a new coat of paint. A few boards that have come loose in a storm are easy to replace, leaving the home siding in good condition again. Even small signs of damage around the trim, soffits, and fascia are all repairable without the effort of a complete siding replacement.

So, what are some signs that it's time to get new siding on your home exterior?

  • Frequent Chipping or Peeling: If the paint on the siding is constantly chipping and peeling or the home needs repainting more often than usual, it means that something is wrong with the boards underneath. The siding could be damaged and unable to hold onto that protective coating of paint any longer.
  • High Utility Bills: If your heating and cooling bills have increased recently, it could mean that the siding is compromised in some way that allows heat transfer to occur. However, you'll want to have the roof, attic, and windows inspected to make sure they aren't the cause of the problem before you replace the siding. We also offer insulated siding with a slightly higher R-value to give your home some extra protection from the weather. This is a good choice if you are planning on replacing the siding anyway.
  • Paint Peeling on Interior Walls: When you have problems with paint or wallpaper peeling off the walls, especially along an exterior wall, it might mean that moisture is seeping through the siding. Of course, you'll also want to check out the windows and doors to make sure they are air and watertight before investing in new siding.

What to Do About Your Damaged Siding?

Reach out to Statewide Remodeling to set up a free, in-home consultation with one of our siding experts if you notice any of the above issues. We can help determine what's causing the problems you're seeing inside and outside the home and come up with a solution. Should you require siding replacement, we offer a selection of beautiful options in fiber cement, vinyl, and insulated vinyl siding to restore your property.

Houston Vinyl Siding Services You Can Rely On

With the ability to increase the R-value of your home by as much as 22 percent, your siding replacement in Houston will eventually pay for itself in reduced energy costs. We have a selection of efficient products in different colors and wood grain textures to perfectly resemble premium cedar wood planks, so your home will be as stylish as it is insulated.

Our siding products also come with other wonderful features, such as:

  • DuraLock™ siding technology that securely wraps your home in protection to help it withstand the elements.
  • The STUDfinder™ installation system which prevents the problems that can arise when nailing between studs, like pipe or wire damage.
  • Insulated replacement siding that helps block out exterior noise so your family can relax in privacy.

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Statewide Remodeling strives to provide services that exceed your expectations while staying within the limits of your household budget. When it is time for siding replacement in Houston, you can trust our team of siding installers with over twenty years of industry knowledge and experience to do the job right.

If you're ready to get started on vinyl siding replacement in Houston, feel free to call us or fill out our online form. A friendly representative will help you schedule a free estimate today.

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