​​​​Houston Bathroom Conversions

Are you unhappy with the bathing system you've got? Maybe you're not only looking for a fresher feel and look for your bathroom but also a different method of bathing. If so, a bathroom conversion is the right solution for you! While many Houston homeowners worry about the time and expense of a project as big as a shower-to-bath conversion, or one from a bathtub to shower, the truth is that the latest products and installation techniques make it easier than ever to carry out a bathroom conversion!

That's where Statewide Remodeling stands out.

Our highly trained bathroom remodelers have worked in more than 80,000 homes across Texas since 1994—giving us a long legacy of remodeling experience in Houston homes just like yours. We've taken our time to perfect our craft so that you can get a gorgeous new bathtub or shower in just a single day.

Converting Bathroom Space from Dingy to Beautiful

In addition to adding functionality to your daily routine, a bathroom conversion can make your bathroom sparkle like never before. At Statewide Remodeling, we provide world-class Luxury Bath products that come in a wide variety of styles and colors, all designed to give your bathroom the feeling of luxury at an affordable price. Whether you're interested in converting your shower to a tub or converting your tub to a shower, you'll find your new bathroom solution not only beautiful but functional as well.

Other features of our Houston bathroom conversions include:

  • Quick installation in as little as one day
  • Custom fitting to minimize wear-and-tear
  • Highly durable, low-maintenance acrylic
  • Microban® coating to maximize bathroom hygiene
  • And much more!

What Sets Our Houston Bathroom Conversion Team Apart?

As a certified installer of Luxury Bath showers and tubs, Statewide Remodeling has been vetted and approved for some of the highest-quality services in the industry. Not just any Houston bathroom remodeling company can represent the Luxury Bath name—and we do it with pride and excellence!

With over 25 years of dedicated experience, we're so much more than a quick bathroom remodeler. In addition to our convenient single-day bath conversions, we stand out for a number of important reasons:

  • We work with only skilled, trained, and licensed remodelers.
  • We provide Luxury Bath warranties and additional quality guarantees.
  • We offer helpful financing to Houston families.
  • We've earned prestigious awards, including a #18 ranking on Qualified Remodeling Magazine's Top 500 list.
  • We support every bathroom remodel with our written money-back satisfaction guarantee!

Signs It's Time to Convert Your Houston Bathroom

If you're wondering whether a bathroom conversion might be right for your family, Statewide Remodeling is here to help guide your remodeling decisions. Our focus on satisfaction over sales drives us to provide honest, objective recommendations based on your needs.

Here are just a few times in which a tub or shower conversion might be the perfect choice:

  • You dread using your bathtub or shower more often than not.
  • You need a tub to help bathe little kids or to provide a safer bathing experience for aging loved ones.
  • Your growing family needs a fast, efficient shower that everyone can share rather than a slow, inconvenient bathtub.
  • You only have one type of bathing feature in your home and want more flexibility.
  • You're looking to sell your Houston home and would like to drive up its value.

In all of these situations, you'd likely benefit from a bathroom conversion—but only when it's designed and installed well. Statewide Remodeling will take your goals seriously to ensure that your new tub or shower fulfills its intended purpose and exceeds all of your expectations!

Learn More About the Top Bathroom Conversions in Houston

Whether shower to tub or tub to shower, you won't find a better-designed bathroom conversion service than ours. We have reputable staff you can trust, high-quality products from a proven manufacturer, and a truly unmatched quality guarantee. Plus, you can't beat our single-day installation timeframes!

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