The short answer to this question is yes.  In fact, one of the things you can do to effectively make your home energy efficient and to solve the problem of escalating energy costs is to insulate it with vinyl siding. Replacement siding  is not only done to improve and beautify your home’s exterior and interior.  But, more than anything, it is the ideal solution for any homeowner who wants good insulation from cold or hot weather conditions.  It increases the R-value of a home’s exterior, and this translates to greater thermal efficiency as well as a significant reduction in your energy bills.

As many homeowners know, space heating and space cooling take a big chunk of home energy use.  In fact, heating and cooling costs take up about half of the total energy consumed in an average, single-family home.  Installing insulated products for the home, like insulated siding, will help remedy this. A house siding repair  will mean that you’ll no longer need to work your home heating and cooling systems double time just to attain some level of comfort.

What’s more, with the latest innovations in vinyl siding technology, not only do homeowners get more thermal efficiency, but a bunch of other benefits, too.

For one, this type of siding lowers labor costs as it eliminates the process of priming and painting.  And with innovations when it comes to installing these sidings, installation time is significantly reduced as well.

Vinyl also has maintenance-free benefits, as it is durable and is easy to clean and will not crack or rot even after being exposed for years and years to rough weather conditions.  In fact, home remodeling companies like Statewide Remodeling now offer a lifetime limited warranty for sidings.

Lastly, thanks to advanced technology, vinyl sidings now have a wood-like appearance and the texture of premium and authentic cedar panels.  With this, your house will look much better and much more beautiful than it originally did.