Home Decoration Ideas for Halloween

An incomplete theme at your Halloween party can really waste the spooky mood you are trying to create for your guests. We know one determined host who went the extra mile and dropped red food coloring into his water tank to have red flowing water for his party – not thinking of how long the effect would last and how laundry would be done until it passed. If your decorating tastes run to the slightly less complicated, but you don’t want to leave your home half-decorated, invest in a few low-cost items to keep your bathroom properly ghoulish.

Spooky Sights

In every scary movie, there are only so many places to keep the victim without leaving incriminating evidence – drizzle fake blood over tools or use this bloody weapon garland to remind your guests of what foul deeds occurred on the spot where they stand. While you’re at it, provide more gruesome details by using fake organs and blood or body parts on the sink and countertops. If you are dedicated, you can make your fake organs at home by using cornstarch, water, and food coloring.

Rather than allowing them to use a normal light source that would make them feel protected from creepy crawlies, bathe the room in a soft, eerie glow with old, battery-operated lanterns. If you don’t want this expense, buy an orange- or yellow-colored light bulb. Another option is to use a black light, which gives off a devilish purple glow.

No scary house is complete if there is a chance to escape. Make sure your windows are covered in netting, black garbage bags, or Green Demon window coverings to let your guests know that all attempts at escape are futile. If you want your guests always looking over their shoulders, scared of what might be creeping up behind them, drape the door in a Zombie cover and drape the walls in old netting with spiders and rats crawling in it.

Even the tiniest of details can add a festive spirit to your party. A skeleton toilet paper holder can add a laugh, but don’t overlook changing out small items like hand towels and soap. You can purchase soap in the shape of black cats, full moons, or ghosts. Don’t let your toilet go bare – it’s the perfect place for spiders to hide!

Scary Sounds

True Halloween connoisseurs will appreciate the finesse it takes to create an entirely scary atmosphere. Sometimes, you have to move beyond cobwebs and spiders to frighten your friends’ other senses. A sudden shock of noise when they least expect it usually does the trick. A Toilet Screamer device will give your guests a jolt. Simply attach the item to your toilet lid, and when it detects movement, a shrill shriek will sound. For more long-term guests, think about investing in a screaming shower curtain. It instantly reminds you of the famous Hitchcock thriller Psycho, and when your guest pulls back the curtain to start a warm shower, they get a jolt when they hear a piercing cry for help.

Last, but certainly not least, is the gold standard of Halloween decorations for the bathroom – the Bloody Mary Mirror. Pricey? Yes … but imagine the possibilities.

Happy Haunting!



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