Flies, mosquitoes, ticks, roaches, and ants galore. It seems like no matter what the weather is outside, there’s always some sort of bug invading your home. 

So you go into your sunroom to get away from those pesky bugs. The problem is, there’s flies swarming your sunroom too! Your sunroom is supposed to be a place where you can relax, not bothered by pests!

If you want to enjoy your sunroom without annoying bugs, check out the following tips below to help make your sunroom a peaceful, bug-free place.

Clean Up After You Eat

If you like to eat in your sunroom, you shouldn’t have to stop eating in there to get rid of those bugs. 

Instead, just make sure after a pizza and movie night in your sunroom, clean up those crumbs and wipe down all your tables. We recommend that you take extra bug preventative measures by vacuuming your couch to get rid of all those crumbs.

It’s crucial that you keep your sunroom as clean as possible as bugs are attracted to food. This will especially help keep out ants and roaches.

Close ANY Gaps

Besides cleaning up all of your crumbs, make sure you close up any holes or gaps in your sunroom. Look around your doors and windows and see if there are any holes in it. If there are any holes or any other gaps, take some caulk from your favorite home improvement store and fill up those holes! This will help keep pests out of your sunroom.

Get a Ceiling Fan

Another way to make sure bugs stay out of your sunroom is to get a ceiling fan. As the fans circulate air, it dilutes the amount of carbon dioxide in the air, which is a way that bugs detect humans. 

Keep Water Away from Your Sunroom’s Exterior

Mosquitoes LOVE water. After it rains, take a walk outside your sunroom. If you see any puddles, drain your sunroom’s exterior by pumping excess water out of your yard or putting gravel on top of those puddles to help it drain.

Using these tips, you can help prevent bugs from entering your sunroom and relax in there pest-free. 

If you’re looking for a sunroom to spruce up your home’s exterior or want a nice place to relax and view the outdoors, request a free estimate for a sunroom from Statewide! Get started by filling out our online form.