Happy Valentine’s Day! With already sunny skies and warm temperatures, Valentine’s Day is actually a reminder for how close spring is for us in the south – especially in Texas. That’s why homeowners will need to start thinking about their yards again. Pergolas are simple additions that can instantly dress up a boring backyard.

Pergolas are a beautiful ad

dition to any outdoor space and these Mediterranean like wooden structures can be fashioned to fit any budget and any homeowner’s unique style. Resembling a gazebo, pergolas are supported by crossbeams that provide shade while allowing for any breeze to pass through. It can be built over sitting areas or walkways.

Pergolas at times can be a better addition to an outdoor space than a patio because they don’t have to blend it perfectly with the structure of the house. This new structure can be used as a statement or a new spin on the architecture of a home. They can even be used to bring the outdoors in.

Big or small, modern or country; there are lots of different ways these structures can be built and used for any life style.


Pergolas can be used as upscale patios, and just like patios pergolas look great covering  a sitting area along with a couple of cushioned chairs, or Adirondacks.  Build your pergola next to your house for convenience or far away for intimacy.

Open Court Yard:

Depending on how you choose for the pergola to be built, they can border the perimeter of an outdoor space leaving lots of sunshine to light up a play area, or to provide more vitamin D for special plants. For big statements build a pergola around the perimeter of a pool.

Covering for Pool Chairs:

Use these unattached patios to cover pool chairs as they provide just enough shade from the hot day but not so much that they inhibit a good tan.

Garden Feature:

Pergolas are a great way for gardeners to display beautiful climbing vines. Plant strong climbing vines along the wooden beams and allow the plants to wrap up and around. Eventually each plant will bloom and hanging flowers will create a breathtaking landscape.

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