Sometimes it’s late at night and you hear a gentle pop at the window. While this sound can be startling, the root cause is usually chalked up to a tree branch tapping against the glass or some bugs looking for a way inside. However, one of the main culprits of that irritating popping sound may not be what you’d expect; something else within the home like siding or the windows that were not installed perfectly. Here is a list of a few things that may account for that sound and a few solutions so you can find peace and quiet.

Poorly installed vinyl siding 

Usually, the main cause of the infamous popping noise doesn’t come from the windows themselves. In many cases, the sound is coming from the vinyl siding installed on the exterior of the home. If the popping is coming from your vinyl siding, it’s because the siding was nailed too tightly — when it expands in certain weather conditions, especially in the summer, it contracts and the nails “pop” out of their place. Luckily, the solution is simple: Remove the siding and have a professional reinstall it or replace it. Now, your siding will be in perfect place and the popping sound has stopped!

Aluminum Cladding on Your Windows

Aluminum, like most metals, is a material that heats up quickly in the sun, and aluminum-clad windows are no exception. Aluminum-clad windows after basking in the sun usually expand and contract faster than windows made from alternate materials. Since aluminum heats and cools so quickly, these rapid expansions and contractions are what cause the popping sound. Considering that the aluminum is integral to the window, the only sustainable solution that will keep the popping sound at bay is to replace these windows with something more heat and weather resistant, such as vinyl windows

Low-E Glass Windows 

If the mysterious popping noise started after replacing windows or moving into a newly updated home, Low-E glass may be the cause. This razor-thin, colorless, and non-toxic coated glass may improve your home’s energy efficiency, but is not a nice pairing for homes with aluminum siding. Since Low-E glass reflects heat away from your home to keep the interior home temperature consistent, this deflected energy can be absorbed by the surrounding siding. This absorbed heat can release itself quickly, and the dropping temperature can account for the popping sound you’re hearing.  The most permanent solution is to replace your aluminum siding with vinyl siding or concrete fiber siding. A more budget-friendly solution is to shade your affected windows, but this will not make your Low-E windows as effective in regulating your home’s interior temperature. 

Inadequate Window Installation

If you are sure none of these other problems are the cause of the popping sound, the noise may be really coming from your windows. Pressure can release on the jamb of windows that were inaccurately installed out of square, plumb, or plane. The jamb bends inwards and puts pressure on the window sashes which can cause that popping or cracking sound you’re hearing. If you discover that the windows are the cause of the popping sound, the windows will most likely need to be removed and reinstalled correctly. 

The last thing anyone should worry about is window troubles. Luckily, the experts at Statewide Remodelingand our reputation for great service have you covered. New windows will help you save on energy costs, protect your home, and in this case, get rid of pesky popping noises! Give us a call to set up a no-obligation consultation orfill out our online form to speak with a representative about a free quote.