When you have your parents living with you, you think of ways to improve your home and make it safe for them.  As we have said before, aging in place can bring on a lot of savings but also a lot of challenges with it.  There are so many things that you need to do in order to make your home a safe and accident-free place while caring for your elderly loved ones. Bathroom remodeling is one.

We know that the bathroom is a top danger zone, especially for the elderly.  This is mainly because bathroom floors can get slippery, and porcelain tubs, toilets, and sinks could cause head injury when you hit them as you fall.

Remodeling your bathroom for better elderly home care may involve a few things.  One is installing a walk-in bathtub.  Designed with low entry step, a safety seat, and a grab bar, a walk in tub would help people with limited mobility and with disability.  It will be easier for them to get inside or outside without help of assistance.

Another is installing or replacing your bath liners.  These are the outer coverings of your bath and shower.  Over time, your old liners will get moldy, discolored, chipped or cracked, and it may become a slipping hazard and could breed germs.  It’s also great that there are liners with anti-bacterial properties now.

You can also change your bathroom or shower to make them barrier-free and to allow wheelchair accessibility, as well as allow safety bars for the necessary support.  If you are worried about not having enough space for all these remodeling or changes, you can just go for a tub-to-shower conversion  to be able to maximize whatever space is there.

When taking on the responsibility to care for elderly or disabled family members, changes to the bathroom are imperative.  It is best if you consult with a home remodeling company and get professional advice and opinion on what your bathroom needs.  They can identify the hazards for you, not only in your bathroom, but also in other areas of your home.