We know how the weather is down here in the South. One day, it’s 100° and sunny, the next it’s super rainy, and in a really bad cold front, it can get down to 20°. Eek.

If you love spending time in your backyard, you should be able to sit back and relax without the sweat from a hot summer or getting soaked in unpredictable rain. The solution to that is simple: get a sunroom! 

Statewide Remodeling offers four different sunroom types to make sure your stylistic and personal needs are met to compliment your home in the best way possible. Here’s a look into each sunroom type we offer!

Studio Sunroom

Our most popular sunroom type is our studio sunroom, all for a good reason! It has a classic style that can blend in with any home with its high and flat ceiling, fit for all seasons.

Another reason why our studio sunrooms are popular: its flat ceiling allows for you to put a ceiling fan in there to make sure you stay nice and cool in blazing summer weather.

Cathedral Sunroom

If you’re looking for a distinctive design, consider a cathedral sunroom!

A cathedral roof sunroom gives a majestic look to your home with its peaked roof, making your home stand out in the neighborhood and upping your home value.

Wanting to grow plants, but worried about extreme weather? The peaked roof also allows for you to make your cathedral sunroom into a greenhouse as it allows optimal ventilation for plant growth.

Integrated Sunroom

While our studio and cathedral sunrooms stick outside the home, our integrated sunrooms are crafted to blend flawlessly with both the interior and exterior of your home. 

An integrated sunroom can act as a sunlit reading room, a dining area with an outdoor view, or a place where you can kick back and enjoy the outdoors! Its seamless design within your home allows it to perfectly blend in without it “sticking out” like other sunroom types do.

Custom Sunroom

If our studio, cathedral, and integrated sunrooms are not your vision as the perfect addition to your home, we’ll work with you to design a custom sunroom for your specific needs.

From a California-style split gable roof to a European-style conservatory, we’ll work with you for any glass sunroom style you wish to have!

If you’re ready to up your home value, have a nice outdoor space to read your favorite book, and relax without the sweat and pain of sitting outside in extreme weather, request a free estimate for a sunroom today!