Common Signs of Water Damage from Window Leaks

Your windows take a lot of wear and tear over the years. If you notice an issue with your windows, you’ll want to hire professionals like Statewide Remodeling to inspect your windows to see if you could need window replacements. Regularly checking your windows for changes in performance and any possible issues can help make sure that your home isn’t taking any damage due to faulty windows. One major cause of damage to your home is water damage from window leaks, but how do you know it’s happening?

Musty Odor

A stale, musty odor is a tell-tale sign of water accumulating around your window’s framing. This scent is similar to the smell of an unfinished building, and it alerts you that the building materials are wet from water leakage.  

Stains and Discoloration

Water leakage can cause discoloration, and this is often an early indication of a larger issue. Similar to how roofs with a water leak will cause discoloration in the ceiling, you’ll have the same issue around your windows. Painting over the problem area will only mask the problem, leading to larger, more expensive damage. 

Rot and Mold

An obvious issue with water damage is rot and molding. It can not only put your home in danger but also your family’s health.

Peeling Paint

Bubbling and peeling paint or wallpaper is another common sign of water damage from window leaks. When drywall gets wet, the paint and wallpaper over it lose their adhesion and begin to pull away. When it then dries, the paint will start to crack and flake off.

Floor Movement

Water will naturally flow downward, and in the case of a leak, this means to the floor. Around the baseboards and flooring, you’ll notice a warping of hardwood. The linoleum will peel upward, and tiles may begin to loosen as well. Once water seeps below your flooring, it can get to the substructures of your home, causing costly damage. 

If you notice any of these signs while inspecting your windows and home, you should call Statewide Remodeling to come out and professionally check your windows so that your home does not take any more water damage due to faulty windows. As industry pros, Statewide Remodeling is equipped to help homeowners like you find the right windows for your home and lifestyle and expertly install them for quality that lasts.

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