If you have ever lived in an older home you have probably experienced the frustration of poorly designed kitchen cabinets. They are always too small, with not enough storage, or inadequately positioned throughout the space. Whether you have a large kitchen remodel or a small one on your hands, turn that hate for your kitchen into love at first site starting with those pesky cabinets.

Plan everything ahead

If you plan on going with customized cabinets, cut out any accidents and stress that comes with any remodeling project, it is best to plan ahead as much as possible. This might mean completely redesigning the functionally of your kitchen by adding more storage space or opening up an obtrusive wall. Try drawing out your plans on lined paper, or use a smartphone app that can take into consideration the dimensions of your kitchen and fit cabinets in accordingly.

With older homes, cabinets may not reach all the way to the ceiling causing the room to look smaller than it is. You can opt for taller cabinets, if you don’t mind the extra reach. This makes the room look taller and can add more storage for pots and pans. Also, ripping out old cabinets allows for the opportunity to move around your appliances for a better functioning kitchen.

Choose the color and style

Once you have decided where you want the cabinets to go it is time to decide what type of wood, stain and detailing you would like on the doors. Find a wood and stain that best suits your overall style and style of the home. A darker wood stain can cause the entire space to look like a cave, so compensate with adequate lighting or choose a lighter stain. On the other side of the spectrum, lighter wood stains can become easily outdated, so be careful what you choose.

Concerning cabinet doors, homeowners can decide to go with plain design or no design on their cabinet doors. This choice can be cheaper in the long run and also keep your cabinets from looking outdated throughout the coming decades. Yet, if you believe in unique finishing touches, cabinet doors are another way to put personality into your home. One of the newest design details for cabinet doors is to opt for a glass finish, which provides a modern look and visitors can see into the cabinet space.

Choose the right hardware Add the finishing touches to your cabinets with hardware handles. The different types of metals, finishes and designs for hardware numbers in the thousands and finding the right ones for your cabinets simply requires a bit of dedication.

One thing that should be noted is that a knob versus a handle and the position it is mounted in can make the difference on how modern the space looks. A handle placed in the middle of a drawer, as opposed to the top, can add a unique touch to the area.

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