No matter what time of year it is, replacing your old windows with sparkling new ones is always a great idea. While many homeowners choose to schedule their window installations for warmer times of the year, doing so around the holidays comes with many advantages. With that being said, colder weather does bring with it some additional challenges that have to be accounted for. In this blog, we’ll look at why the holidays are the perfect time to invest in window replacements, and what steps you can take to help ease the process.

Benefits of Hiring a Window Company During the Holidays

It may initially seem crazy to have a window replacement done during winter, but you’d be surprised by its advantages. For one, most homeowners choose to complete their window work during the warmer months, meaning contractors are busy. By scheduling your replacement when others aren’t, you can receive exceptionally quick service.

In addition, contractors are more apt to offer discounted rates during the holidays as their business slows down and there is less demand.

​​Things to Remember With a Winter Window Installation

Even with the benefits of a holiday window replacement, there are still some precautions and steps you’ll have to take to ensure a smooth installation. These include:

  • Replacing One Window at a Time: Since the weather is cold, you don’t want to open up your whole house to the outdoor air. Make sure that windows are replaced one at a time so that there’s only one point of entry for wintery weather.
  • Sealing Off Each Room: To reduce cold air from permeating your home, consider sealing off each room that’s having a window replacement. Keep the doors shut as much as possible and put up plastic in the window frames.
  • Keep Up on Cleanliness: The weather outside is normally quite wet during the holidays. Take precautions to keep your house clean, as contractors will be coming in and out. You can lay down rugs or plastic so that your floors don’t get soiled.

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